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Chris Binge

Chris Binge

Chief Executive


I first joined Fairway in January 1998 as Purchasing Manager, became Purchasing Director in January 2000 and Chief Executive on April Fools Day in 2002. Despite having a degree in Science I started my working career as a Relief General Manager in 1979 with TFC Foods. I moved into “buying” in 1985 and got my first directorship in 1992- I have owned a Restaurant, been a Chef, a delivery driver, a sales rep, a General Manager – involved in food buying, selling, marketing, distribution all my working life. My job is management of the company and strategy for the company as well as trying to help Members with their business strategies. I like many things in life, travelling, good food, fishing, horse racing, football, cricket, rugby, golf, walking my dog, boating, peace and quiet. I am opinionated but open minded, I like logical thinking and I don’t suffer fools.

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